Why don’t they go back where they came from?

Posted: 28th April 2014 by Christian in Blog
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IN 1847 in Africa, rich black Americans founded a country called Liberia. They immediately enslaved native tribespeople there, which tells you all you need to know about what caused slavery.

In 1980 a man called Samuel Doe, soldier, mounted a coup. Took over. Mass torturers, public executions. Hundreds of people marked for death fled. Doe was a good US ally. Signed mutual defense deals. Guess what resources Liberia has?

In 1990, a man called Charles Taylor decided Doe had to go. Too close to the US, too close to Israel. Coup. But here’s a twist. They cut off Doe’s fingers, his toes, his ears.

You want to get a freakish thrill? They videotaped it. Played some on the news. Watch a man get his ear cut off?

Snuff is an urban legend they say.  You can find the video with about thirty keystrokes effort. I never did watch it.

Fun fact: Aftermath of the Civil War this kicked off, Pat Roberston, tv evangelist, told his pack of dogs he was sending aid to Rwanda. In reality, he was sending in mining equipment for the diamond mine he bought.

He wasn’t prosecuted.

So Charles Taylor leads Liberia and starts up the murder squads, the torture factories, the usual. Mix in a bit of human sacrifice and cannibalism. ¬†Steals his people’s money and lives like a king could only dream. Gets on the Jesus tip.

2003, people have had enough. America has had enough. Revolution is bad for business. In comes the troops and the rubber and the gems and the rest of it start coming out again.

Taylor is taken into UN custody, cause even a toothless tiger gets a bite now and again. He’s jailed in Britain. 50 years.

Happy ending?

Liberia is a bit more stable but there’s thousands of trained torturers for police. Massive corruption. Crippling poverty.

Beasts in the form of men get set up like Gods because they keep the money flowing.

People flee every day.

Looking for a country like mine where they can do their work and have their kids and not worry about the torturers taking their fingers, their toes, their ears. Country with wealth and resources and room. Country that should, and do, understand the values and pleasures of different faces. Different ideas.

I’ve heard five people in the last year say “Why don’t they just go back where they come from?”

There’s a gay woman in Britain, out, now, who’s going to be deported back to Uganda. There’s a torture squad waiting for her.

“Why don’t they go back where they came from?”

There’s a country where they’ll melt your daughter’s face off if you teach her to read. Countries like mine gave countries like that weapons and legitimise its governments so they trade with us.

“Why don’t they go back where they came from?”

Guy I know, talking about the State broadcaster here, facing budget cuts, he says “I know what it must have felt like to live at the start of Nazi Germany.”

Yeah. That must be scary.