Straight up dumb

Posted: 28th January 2015 by Christian in Blog

You know I don’t like the Daily Life. It thinks like children think.
But this is a new hilarity. This sort of policing is ignorant of how language evolves and in this case, weirdly recursive racist.

Gypsies, for example, call themselves gypsies. That’s why their organisation are called things like ‘The Gypsy Council’. Look it up. Suggesting your own word for yourself is a slur is, hilariously, actual racism!
Imagine “Hi, I’m Jewish.” “Whoa man, no need for that language!”

You don’t fix things by forcing use of politer language. We’ve certainly learned that just allows actual racism to hide. (Though using respectful language is a good thing and we should all do our best not to alienate or intimidate even casually.) Calling someone ‘thug’ is not calling them ‘nigger’ and it’s foolish to suggest otherwise.

Racism, yes, obviously, it’s very bad. But it is caused and maintained by underlying forces that gouge everyone. It won’t stop if no one on the world ever said another bad word again and we need to stop pretending that. And start looking at who makes the world like it is.