World Fantasy

Posted: 12th November 2015 by Christian in Blog

Hugo Gernsback argued that “chemi-geneticists” could allow black parents to have white children. The Hugo Awards are named after him.
Bram Stoker was an anti-Semite, Dracula is unarguably a ‘racist’ novel, and in some readings is an analogy for Disraeli, England’s Jewish Prime Minister. The Bram Stoker awards are named after him.

John W. Campbell argued for slavery. In the 60s. He thought the Watts Riots happened because some people were naturally slaves and were simply expressing unhappiness at not having masters.

King Kong is unarguably a racist and sexist -movie-. There’s a King Kong Award.

Taking Lovecraft, the most important fantastist of the 20th century off some awards because he’s a ‘vicious racist – is nothing. It means nothing. It is, at best, a politically empty gesture. At worst, it is an Orwellian rewriting of the past and grotesque hypocrisy.