Posted: 26th February 2016 by Christian in Blog

I’ve been a bit worried as I’ve been really disliking a lot of the work of women comic creators recently, especially writers. Made an effort and found some teams I liked. All women.

Flesh of White – Albino baby born in Tanzania. Art is a bit poxy, terrible colouring, but the story is bold and interesting. Worried it’s going to get a bit magical realist.

Monstress – I was ambivalent with the writing on the first issue but with 2 and 3, this is settling in. No more monstrous lesbians. More sexy monsters. But the art is the winner here. Amazing.

Sword of Glass – Fantasy that’s consciously drawing on non-European sources. Not sure about the story yet but it’s beautiful and strange and they ride around on cool leopards. One to watch.
Then I read Injection and Ellis is still struggling against his worst impulses and it remains his strongest work in years.