Penny Dreadful.

Posted: 23rd June 2016 by Christian in Blog

So, Penny Dreadful.
Spoilers to follow so, sling your hook if you’re soft.

I thought it ended up…

Clearly, it was rushed to the end. When you’ve got a two season prophecy and it doesn’t really play out, something’s gone a bit wrong.
And there were wheels spun. Bride of Frankenstein’s bacchante revolution went nowhere and ended anti-climatic.

The Monster remained the weak link of the show. If it was me, I’d have had Dracula go ‘you’re not really undead. Now I will pick on you.’ We’ve already seen the Monster smack the shit out of other monsters. Let’s have an undead war on the streets!

The Gothic Western is, I’m sure you’ll not be shocked, a great favourite of mine. Family secrets, ancient sins. Physical isolation and desolation. Great stuff. Thought that stuff popped. Plus it lead us to werewolves vs vampires in Chinatown, so who can complain?

I thought the ending was… I dunno. It certainly needed a rethink. Her dying I’m fine with. It’s a good place to end the show. But the main theme of Penny Dreadful is shaking hands with your monsters. For her to emphatically deny that part of herself? Ending religiously in a show that’s had no use for God? Didn’t buy it all.

Let her go in a monstrous battle of her evil self versus the carnal predator Dracula, who lied and manipulated her!

But… oh well.

I shall miss the show terribly. The aberrant sex, the amazing costume, the brilliant, brilliant set design, taking fine actors and letting them act. The signifying characters. The morbidity and cruelty and all the rest.

But most importantly, and this *is* important, Penny Dreadful wasn’t modern. While it wasn’t strictly historical, it never made the mistakes lots of shows like that do. Making conspicuously non-racist characters, for example, to gain sympathy, is a trick they always pull. I hate that. People were different. It’s part of what gives historical stories their power. Penny Dreadful never lost sight that the Victorians were a morbid bunch, with neuroses throbbing, throbbing underneath it all.

And if it failed to cross the finish line, well, at least it had one, right Deadwood fans?

We can only hope that the next time someone gets their gothic horror/supernatural adventure show on, they can learn. And pray they are as ambitious and daring as Penny Dreadful.