Pain Passes

Posted: 25th November 2017 by Christian in Blog

Pierre-Auguste Renoir died in 1919.
This is a happy story.

He had an interesting life. Apolitical, the Communards nearly killed him during the Paris Commune because he was painting during riots. He was mates with Pisaro and Manet, Wagner and Delacroix. Traveled the world painting and seeing art. Discovered things about colour.

Then, in the early 1890s, he got rheumatoid arthritis. In his hands. A horrible disease that twists the bones. His shoulders went. He had to be helped to his canvases. He couldn’t lift brushes. He had to have them placed in his hands. He had to learn whole new techniques in his 70s.

Just before Renoir died, the painter Matisse came to see him and was horrified. Hands wrapped and in terrible agony, Matisse asked him why he still painted. Renoir told the young man ‘The pain passes. The beauty remains.’
Renoir lived long enough to see his works in the Louvre next to the Old Masters he had once traveled the world to see.

Pain passes. Beauty remains.
This is a happy story.