Kid Dracula

Posted: 27th October 2018 by Christian in Blog

In Transylvanian myth, high up in the mountains, the devil has a school. The scholomance. A dragon is said to live in a lake the school overlooks and once you enter, you cannot leave for seven years. You will not see the sun.

Magic that was taught included power over nature, the weather, and riding dragons because fuck yeah, why not? The Solomonari, graduates of the school, have a whole dragon riding tradition.

Now, fact is, it was almost certainly called the Solomance, Solomon’s mansion. King Solomon is the Gandarf of world religions.

But Bram Stoker, he read an article on this school which introduced the Sko big, and so, in ‘The Draculas… learned his secrets in the Scholomance.’ That’s why Dracula can do all that turning into a bat, controlling weather stuff. He’s a full on wizard.

Dracula is a full on wizard, man.

All of which leads me to believe there’s a Young Adult book in Teen Dracula, overcoming the legacy of his dad, Dracul. Of his brother Radu… well, don’t look him up in history. It’s bad!

Honestly, though… it would probably work, wouldn’t it? Teenage Dracula in magic school. He could make friends with a lonely werewolf and deal with that jock Frankenstein…