Crime Thyme

Posted: 2nd July 2019 by Christian in Blog

It’s funny what shapes politics. For me it was travelling. Reading, history mainly. Talking with friends. And carefully noting *who* believed what. But there’s something else: Crime Fiction. Crime fiction absolutely helped shape my politics. I did, and still do, read a lot of ‘hard boiled’ crime stuff. That simply means, well, it means different […]

Back to RPGs

Posted: 6th March 2019 by Christian in Blog

Getting nerdy so, politics types, keep scrolling. If you want to bring a hat to the geek career tables… come in. Inspired by the fact that this Critical Role thing made 3 million dollars. Today. I’d like to talk a little about designing games. I haven’t ever really spoke about this part of my career […]

Kid Dracula

Posted: 27th October 2018 by Christian in Blog

In Transylvanian myth, high up in the mountains, the devil has a school. The scholomance. A dragon is said to live in a lake the school overlooks and once you enter, you cannot leave for seven years. You will not see the sun. Magic that was taught included power over nature, the weather, and riding […]

Pain Passes

Posted: 25th November 2017 by Christian in Blog

Pierre-Auguste Renoir died in 1919. This is a happy story. He had an interesting life. Apolitical, the Communards nearly killed him during the Paris Commune because he was painting during riots. He was mates with Pisaro and Manet, Wagner and Delacroix. Traveled the world painting and seeing art. Discovered things about colour. Then, in the […]

Behold, I Shew You A Mystery

Posted: 18th November 2017 by Christian in Blog

. So I’ve been reading an early draft of Star Wars and it’s fascinating stuff. Luke Skywalker was originally ‘to be played by a burnt stick in a towel, chain smoking’ and was ‘imprisoned in his own verbs.’ Han Solo was a woman character named Threatbelly. He had a starship called ‘Pointless Question’ and his […]

Lord Horror

Posted: 1st July 2017 by Christian in Blog

So there’s some interesting ‘free speech’ discussion in comics right now. I find the notion of art hostage to politics suspicious. Let me tell you a story that might illustrate a point. Just a quick one. In the 1980s, Savoy Books were a store and publisher who’d survived 60s New Wave of Science Fiction. If […]

New novel

Posted: 20th March 2017 by Christian in Blog

Ten Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship!

Posted: 2nd February 2017 by Christian in Blog

1 . He is made of poison. Girls, if that saliva is green and bubbling, don’t kiss him, you’ll die from poison! To say nothing of his corrosive sweat! 2. His palms are hairy, his index finger is longer than middle, and there’s a pentagram there. Kween, he a werewolf! You just know he’ll chase […]

Ripping Yarns

Posted: 24th January 2017 by Christian in Blog

So then it was 1330 and Jeanne married Olivier de Clisson. This story is about her. It was her third marriage since she was 12. They had five children. One of them was nicknamed ‘The Butcher’, so you know this is a good one. There’s two wars you need to know about. The Hundred Years […]

Penny Dreadful.

Posted: 23rd June 2016 by Christian in Blog

So, Penny Dreadful. Spoilers to follow so, sling your hook if you’re soft. I thought it ended up… OK. Clearly, it was rushed to the end. When you’ve got a two season prophecy and it doesn’t really play out, something’s gone a bit wrong. And there were wheels spun. Bride of Frankenstein’s bacchante revolution went […]