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I’ve gotten a bit interested in this. Regard last post. Poe wrote a remarkable bit of criticism in 1848 called The Philosophy of Composition. Good piece and if you’re a writer or a critic, yes, even a game journo, you’d be well-served reading it. But talking about aesthetics of game, there’s a few thing to […]


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Aesthetics is, simply put, studying beauty. How do we make something affecting? I am playing a game called Darkest Dungeons. It’s a roguelike game. This has many meanings but for now, it means a game you can lose. Most games investing in your being able to finish but not this. It’s hard and frustrating and […]

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I’m your pusher

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When I was a kid, a little kid, there was a lady called Tipper Gore. She said that if I liked Heavy Metal and Dungeons and Dragons, I was going to become a murderer Satanist. Well, she was only half-right. Later, after Ice-T was on the Colours soundtrack and I became obsessed with him, she […]


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I’ve been a bit worried as I’ve been really disliking a lot of the work of women comic creators recently, especially writers. Made an effort and found some teams I liked. All women. Flesh of White – Albino baby born in Tanzania. Art is a bit poxy, terrible colouring, but the story is bold and […]


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Let’s get weird. The isolated brain is a concept many, many scientists and sorcerers have tried on since the beginning. Can you take a brain out of the body and keep it alive? Not really, no. But people give it a go. If you’re feeling ghoulish, here’s Sergei Brukhonenko and Boris Levinskovsky and their dog […]

Getting a hold

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Because everything stopped working here, I’m on facebook as me, and twitter, as mrchristianread Might be easier to talk to me that way.

In a vain attempt

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To be a modern, cool writer, I’m blogging over at goodreads. A bit. First up, a book I’m very much enjoying.

World Fantasy

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Hugo Gernsback argued that “chemi-geneticists” could allow black parents to have white children. The Hugo Awards are named after him. Bram Stoker was an anti-Semite, Dracula is unarguably a ‘racist’ novel, and in some readings is an analogy for Disraeli, England’s Jewish Prime Minister. The Bram Stoker awards are named after him. John W. Campbell […]