In a vain attempt

Posted: 8th January 2016 by Christian in Blog

To be a modern, cool writer, I’m blogging over at goodreads. A bit. First up, a book I’m very much enjoying.

World Fantasy

Posted: 12th November 2015 by Christian in Blog

Hugo Gernsback argued that “chemi-geneticists” could allow black parents to have white children. The Hugo Awards are named after him. Bram Stoker was an anti-Semite, Dracula is unarguably a ‘racist’ novel, and in some readings is an analogy for Disraeli, England’s Jewish Prime Minister. The Bram Stoker awards are named after him. John W. Campbell […]

Like a marine!

Posted: 21st October 2015 by Christian in Blog

“Art is neither a system for transmitting information nor a mode of self-expression. It does these things no better than any number of activities. Art is the seizure of a vision that exceeds language. It captures a slice of the Real and preserves it in an artifact. The work of art is fractal and open—an […]


Posted: 29th September 2015 by Christian in Blog

The first experience I had of rotting bodies had been at Serre, where, as a battalion, we dealt with the best part of a thousand dead who came to pieces in our hands. As you lifted a body by its arms and legs they detached themselves from the torso, and this was not the worst […]

Posted: 28th September 2015 by Christian in Blog

“I give and bequeath the annual sum of ten pounds, to be paid in perpetuity out of my estate, to the following purpose. It is my will and pleasure that this sum shall be spent in the purchase of a certain quantity of the liquor vulgarly called whisky, and it shall be publicly given out […]

Black Mirror

Posted: 10th September 2015 by Christian in Blog

Tried getting in to Black Mirror but… I dunno. These near future sf morality plays… seem easy. “Woman locates God’s Vine page. Vomits.” “The man who put his penis in google.” “When a chap’s google class splinters into his brain, he can’t stop watching racist child vloggers.” “Friendster rises from the grave. Bites the new […]

Hannibal 3

Posted: 30th August 2015 by Christian in Blog

Do Hannibal and Will love each other? “We have both been his bride”, after all. No, of course not. Will’s empathy is so highly tuned he’s probably in love with ten people at once. Hannibal is a malignant narcissist. The show likes to pretend he’s some sort of super human but, as we’ve discussed, Hannibal […]

Possibly my favourite Jack Kirby interview

Posted: 30th August 2015 by Christian in Blog

“Oh, you mean what drove me as a person; two things, my childhood in the Lower East Side, and the war.” […] He grabbed a book, opened it up and showed me a picture I recognized as the planet Apokolips, from the New Gods series. “That’s where I grew up. No one lives in that […]

Cargo Cult

Posted: 25th August 2015 by Christian in Blog

I watched a television show this evening. I like to work with the television on. It just works better for me than music some times. Just a show with people talking is good. This show was called Mr. Robot. Unwisely recommended to me because ‘it’s political’. About an anarchist hacker who destroys the lives of […]


Posted: 10th August 2015 by Christian in Blog

In Alan Moore’s memorable phrase, ‘serial killers are dreadful little men with perms.’ They are indeed. Boring failures. Killing people is no great skill. ‘Anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death,’ as William Burroughs put it. Torturing people, mainly women, there’s nothing interesting there. But Hannibal Lecter isn’t a serial killer. He’s […]