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Posted: 21st July 2015 by Christian in Blog
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In the 18th to the early 20th century, horror fiction was Gothic fiction. From England to Russia, Gothic was king. Romanticism, which was know for it’s powerful emphasis on aesthetics, beauty, wonder, and it’s embrace of emotions, was the big thing back then. Weld that to morbidity, gloom, fear, doubt, dread and you’ve got a […]

I like smoking lightning

Posted: 11th January 2015 by Christian in Blog
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I won’t do this often, this talking about me. But… About nine years ago, I had me an internet stalking incident. Anonymous person, turned out to be persons, created a livejournal to make fun of me. Used my photos shopped em up to mock me. Made posts in my ‘voice’. No big. I make no […]